Slow Motion Player


Slow Motion Smoother  v.1.1.2

Slow Motion Smoother makes your home-made slowed down clip look like a professional clip.

Slow Motion  v.1.01.0001

What's so hard? Can't you just slow down the $%^& movie? Well, sadly, that's what most of the world does… But not us !!! When we slow things down, we don't leave empty space and time. We don't let the scene jump from image to image.


Riffster 2900  v.2 9

The musician's favourite practice tool. It's slow-motion for audio: load a song, select loops and have Riffster play over them at any tempo to suit your style or ability. Freely adjust the pitch of songs too.

Sport Video Player  v.2 6

Sport specialised Windows Media Player. Added capabilities: frame-by-frame review of last 5 seconds. slow motion play. The program can be used as a Sport Motion Analysis tool. It can help athletes improve their technique.

MaXimus DVD  v.1 2

MaXimus DVD 1.2 is a free DVD player for Windows. The program will play any DVD just like a home DVD player, but it provides added features. It has separate play rates for forward and reverse, with speeds from 0.5x to 30x in 0.5 intervals of.

IDS Caption  v.1.0.0

IDS caption allows for the slow-motion playback of any media enabling you to type along with the media at your adjustable typing speed.

GASP Lite  v.2 6

GASP SILVER LITE - This Golf Swing analysis software is our FREE Golf Swing analysis software that allows Pupils to record, playback, play in slow motion their swings on the home PC.

SharePoint 2010 Service Manager  v.1 1

SharePoint 2010 Service Manager is basically a utility on your local Windows 7 workstation. This program will definitely come across instances where your workstation suddenly freezes up and everything starts moving in slow motion.

Easy Video Reverser  v.3.9.1

Easy Video Reverser indeed reverses video clip and save frames from last to first. You can also reverse audio or not, make the video frame size reasonably small or large, and speed up (fast motion) or slow down (slow motion) video and audio.

Wave on a String  v.2.03

Wave on a String analyze a strings vibrations with the help of this tool. Watch a string vibrate in slow motion. Wiggle the end of the string and make waves, or adjust the frequency and amplitude of an oscillator. Adjust the damping and tension.

SlowMotion  v.1.0.5

This software changes AVI videos into super-slow-motion videos.

VideoMotion Home  v.1.0.1

Watch videos in slow motion, or frame by frame.

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